Myko Engineering markets a wide range of raw materials for the plastics industry. The various materials upgrade the processing and finishing processes of the plastic. As a result, they contribute to the improved quality, appearance and mechanical properties of the final product.

Myko Engineering’s additives are intended for plastics and polymer concentrations manufacturers and contribute to all aspects of their work process. The Company’s large product catalog includes additives to assist in the dispersion and wetting of the pigments and fillers, additives for the improvement of adhesion quality, rheological additives, UV-absorbing additives, wax additives and nanotechnology-based additives.

In addition, Myko Engineering offers specialized additives intended for the production of polymer concentrates. The advanced additives allow for the production of various custom colors and maintain their stability for a long time. They are offered in two forms:

  • Solid – improve the flow, dispersion and wetting of concentrates
  • Powder – their fusion with polymers and pigments allows for the production of a quality concentrate in pellet form


Amongst the additional solutions that Myko Engineering offers, additives for improving fire-resistance by the Taiwanese company Chitec can be found.

Myko Engineering offers a range of advanced solutions in the field of pigments.

  • Iron-oxide-based, quality natural pigments by Promindsa.
  • Fluorescent pigments in a range of colors by Vicome Corp.

Myko Engineering offers its customers a series of silver-ion-based antibacterial products by Polygiene. The series includes seven types of materials that are suitable for work with thermoplastic materials. Additionally, the company markets conventional preservatives by Chemipol.