Myko Engineering provides the printing industry with a variety of raw materials to improve the quality of their printing inks and coatings. The Company provides solutions for, but not limited to, the following printing types: Offset Printing, Digital Printing, Inkjet Printing, Flexographic Printing, Packaging Printing & Textile Printing.

The variety of additives that Myko Engineering offers for printing inks and coatings provides a long list of benefits:

  • High resistance to erosion and water penetration
  • The prevention of foaming and the formation of bubbles in the ink production process and during its application
  • Pigment wetting and stabilization, to prevent crystallization and to create a uniform and stable spreading over time
  • Reducing the surface tension of the water-based and solvent-based systems, for the purpose of improving surface adhesion, wetting and shine
  • Providing a matte finish
  • Improving many of the properties of the printing ink


The wide array of additives provides a solution for the paint systems that dry at room temperature and paint systems that dry with UV radiation.

Myko Engineering’s thickeners improve the ability to control the viscosity and flow of the ink. The use of thickeners prevents the sinking of the pigments and fillers while storing the ink and improves the processing capabilities and printing results.

Myko Engineering’s catalog of a wide range of resins and emulsions enables its customers in the printing industry to achieve the best results through customization to their needs:

  • Emulsions – a wide range of high-quality emulsions that provide a solution for many professional needs: grinding pigments for printing, presses and more.
  • Resins – solid resins in a variety of molecular weight grades, and water-based resins that enable the creation of ink and coatings for printing at the highest quality. The various resins provide a solution for every demand, including solubility, color dispersion and wetting of the pigments.

Myko Engineering’s quality nanodispersions (special pigments for Inkjet printing, at a submicron size) offer a long list of benefits including easy filtering, a high solids percentage, excellent coverage and stability. The dispersions are offered in a wide range of pigments and monomers.

Myko Engineering exclusively represents the Taiwanese company Eternal, a leading supplier of raw materials in the world in the field of UV printing. The wide range of monomers and oligomers that the company offers expands the range of printing options for its customers – a wide range of flexibility grades, a wide and changing range of viscosity, a diverse functionality and more.

Myko Engineering offers a wide variety of pigment solutions:

  • Pearl-effect pigments by the Oxen Company, in a range of colors and effects: Silver white, Interference, Golden, Metal, Multi-color, Crystal & Intense sparkle.
  • Fluorescent pigments by Vicome Corp. The company produces pigments in a range of colors for printing on textiles and paper products, as well as a special series of nanometer-sized pigments, suitable for Inkjet printing.