Myko Engineering supplies a wide variety of quality raw materials for the production of fiberglass products. The combination of chemical resistance, a variety of advanced mechanical properties and low cost makes fiberglass one of the most functional and useful materials in a variety of industries. The personal consultations and various solutions that Myko Engineering offers its clients allows for the design and production of parts and products that are lightweight, strong and possess exceptional mechanical capabilities. Among the Company’s fiberglass customers are companies in the transportation, medical, chemical, electronics and design fields.

Myko Engineering markets a variety of additives for improving fiberglass production processes. The range of products includes additives that are sold in powder form or liquid form, for easy and effective use. The purpose of the use of additives is to improve fiber wetting, to prevent the formation of air bubbles, to prevent styrene evaporation, reduce the specific gravity of the final products and more.

Myko Engineering offers resins based on isophthalic and orthophthalic polyester, gelcoats, topcoats, epoxy and vinyl ester. The different resins, when using them for the production of a variety of parts made from composite materials matrices, are customized to every type of production method: injection, wet lay-up, RTM, coiling and pultrusion. The company is also capable of supplying resins that are high-temperature resistant (up to 400 degrees Celsius), fire-resistant (according to the UL94V0 and FAR-25/853 Aviation regulations), chemical-resistant, UV-resistant, water-resistant and more.

The various accelerators and hardeners that Myko Engineering offers allow for the significant improvement of the hardening processes that are performed in accordance with the various resin properties.

Myko Engineering’s gelcoats are polyester-based and fillers that are intended for use as an external layer in the polyester glass matrices in order to provide them with protection, shine and resistance to abrasion. The Company also provides anti-bacterial gelcoats for swimming pools, gelcoats for marine applications and gelcoats for the production of parts in the automotive industry.

In the molding category, Myko Engineering offers a comprehensive solution, including customizing mold release agents to a variety of applications. The Company offers both advanced mold release agent materials and a wide range of mold-cleaning and sealing materials. The exceptional quality of the materials ensures easy and convenient extraction of the finished products from the molds, through preserving their wholeness and quality. The various mold release agents are suitable for all production processes and all surfaces, including aluminum, metal and composite materials. Additionally, they are heat-resistant up to 460 degrees Celsius.

The range of solutions and advanced auxiliary materials that Myko Engineering offers are customized to all composite material production processes: wet lay-up, prepregs, autoclave, injection, RTM/LRI, vacuum, hot-pressing and more. The various materials are intended for use in both closed and opened molds:

  • Peel ply approved by Boeing/BMS 8-308
  • Perforated and non-perforated separation sheets
  • Breathing fabrics
  • Vacuum sheets and vacuum bags
  • Snap Tape
  • Nets and auxiliary materials for injection

The fiberglass industry uses a number of fabric families, including a range of weaving types, thicknesses, and different fiber types. The most common fabrics are S Glass and E Glass fabrics that are fire-resistant and woven with glass fibers. Myko Engineering markets a variety of glass fabrics, offered in a variety of sizes and weaving methods. The various fabrics are used for a variety of applications such as cladding and antennas in the aviation industry, land and sea transportation industries and construction industry:

  • Chopped fiber fabrics (CSM – Chopped Strand Mat)
  • Woven fabrics (WR – Woven Roving)
  • Advanced fabrics with precise weaving
  • 3-D fabrics with polypropylene cores
  • Knitted fabrics

Myko Engineering’s filler material catalog includes chopped and ground fibers (basalt, carbon and glass), micro balloons and Airosil. Their high quality makes them a great solution for reinforcing, filling, casting and smoothing of prefabricated parts in a wide range of industries. Among the materials that the Company offers are:

  • Chopped fibers
  • Ground fibers
  • Micro balloons
  • Airosil

At Myko Engineering’s disposal are a variety of core materials that enable the production of lightweight and very strong products. Among Myko Engineering’s core materials are:

  • Corematt Soric – non-woven polyester fabric.
  • Divinycell – strong, hard and light PVC foam (that does not absorb resin). The foam is found in a range of density levels (between 35-250 kg/m3) and thermal resistance.
  • Balsawood or cork boards – lightweight and comfortable for design.
  • Rovicore – textile sandwich structure intended for injection, consisting of two layers of fabric woven in a unique way, with a polypropylene layer in between them.
  • Honeycombs – used primarily for aviation applications and characterized by a high finish quality. The honeycombs are manufactured from a range of raw materials (aluminum, Nomex®, fiberglass, steel and more) and are offered in three forms: Hexagonal, Ox (Over Expanded) and Flex-Core.