Myko Engineering supplies a wide range of quality raw materials to the cosmetics industry. The various materials are intended for the preparation of creams and lotions to nurture the face and hair, tanning and sun care products, shampoo, hair dye, mousses, sprays and more. Many of the raw materials are based on natural ingredients and meet ECOCERT requirements. Myko Engineering’s customers include many of the leading Israeli cosmetics companies.

Myko Engineering offers water or oil-based thickeners for cosmetics products:

  • Mica-based thickeners
  • Thickeners based on a combination of xanthan and hectorite with an addition of cellulose
  • Wax-based thickeners
  • Acrylic resin-based thickeners
  • Silicone thickeners

Myko Engineering’s quality acrylic emulsions allow for the production of cosmetic products with various textures.

Myko Engineering’s emulsifiers are used as a base for producing creams, sprays, lotions, facial cleansers and makeup products. They are characterized by their stability, which allows for the production of products with an even texture and prevents the separation of materials. Additionally, they are active in a wide pH range and are suitable for work with Dead Sea salts. Among the emulsifiers offered by the Company are:

  • Emulsifiers with a natural base
  • Peg Free emulsifiers for the prevention of skin irritation
  • O/W W/O emulsifiers
  • Emulsifiers for sensitive skin
  • Emulsifiers for acne
  • Emulsifiers for babies
  • Silicone emulsifiers

The solutions that Myko Engineering offers for fillers include:

  • Treated and untreated talc
  • A range of mica types
  • Calcium carbonate
  • Nylon-based fillers
  • Fillers for smoothing wrinkles

Myko Engineering offers many customized color solutions in the pigment category that allow for the production of a wide range of products:

  • Pigments for the production of makeup and lipstick.
  • Pigments for the production of hair dye.
  • Pigments for the production of soap.
  • Pigments for the production of mascara.
  • Color pastes ready for the production of lipsticks.
  • Pigment chips ready for the production of nail polish.
  • Silicone-based treated pigments, suitable for cosmetic products.
  • Treated pigments for the production of natural cosmetics and toothpastes.
  • Organic and inorganic pigments and dyes intended for transparent tinted products.
  • Water and solvent-based dispersion pigments for the production of creams and makeup products.
  • Vegetable-based pigments such as: carrot, beet, tomato, turmeric, caramel and green leaf extractions.

Myko Engineering’s range of additives and solvents are offered in powder and in liquid form. The various materials are used for the rapid insertion of active ingredients, and for the production of different textures, among other things.  Among the additives and solvents of the company are:

  • Solvents for the production of perfumes and non-alcoholic aftershaves.
  • Micro-emulsions for the production of perfumes, wet wipes and cosmetic cleaning materials.

Myko Engineering offers hydro glycolic (water/ propylene glycol) plant extracts and oily (mineral oil/ vegetable oil) plant extracts. The various extracts provide cosmetics and hair products with a range of treatment qualities: soothing, nourishing and stimulating the skin, clearing and stretching it, and treating acne.

For anti-aging, Myko Engineering offers special plant extracts from the Gatuline series that contain extracts of active ingredients that are used for smoothing wrinkles, for firming, and for the production of a variety of anti-aging products. Additionally, the Company offers stone extracts rich in iron, magnesium, zinc and copper that contribute to the activities that take place in the cells of the skin and hair:

  • Rhodolite – a manganese-rich extract for strengthening the cells’ defense mechanisms against UVA rays.
  • Hematite – an iron-rich extract for increasing collagen production.
  • Malakite – a copper-rich extract for protection against the sun and everyday pressure.
  • Zincite – a zinc-rich extract to protect the cells’ DNA from UVB rays and external hazards.
  • Olivine – A magnesium-rich extract for increasing the cells’ energies.

Myko Engineering’s solutions for filters include organic and mineral based filters, used for a wide range of cosmetics, tanning and sun care products that provide various protection factors. Additionally, the Company offers specialized additives that improve the dispersion of the filters and as a result, increase the protection factor of the product.