Myko Engineering provides a comprehensive solution for raw materials to the industry.

Over the past four decades, the company has provided specialized materials to hundreds of factories and leading manufacturers in Israel in a variety of fields – aerospace, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, plastics, paint, printing and more. In addition to importing and marketing the most advanced materials in the world, the company also provides consulting, development and logistics services.

Myko exclusively represents many of the leading manufacturers of raw materials in the world.

The company’s product portfolio is updated in real-time, in accordance with the newest developments in all fields. Myko’s close alliances with its suppliers enable the company to create partnerships between its suppliers and customers in Israel in order to ensure full compatibility with customer needs.

Myko’s expert staff provides individualized support and consulting to its customers.

Engineers, chemists and materials engineers are available to customers, providing them with training and guidance throughout the process of matching the materials to the production processes. Furthermore, Myko’s expert staff accompanies its customers in their current activities and provides quick and creative solutions to various production problems.

Myko’s extensive product inventory ensures full availability and maximum flexibility.

Myko’s warehouses offer thousands of items and products, available for immediate delivery. The company’s advanced logistics system allows for supplying orders throughout the country within 24 hours. In this way, Myko eases its customers’ operations year round.

Myko invests heavily in its efforts to identify and develop new raw materials.

The company staff conducts ongoing research activity, has standing relationships with international development teams and attends the most important professional events around the world. A deep familiarity with needs of the Israeli market enables Myko to provide solutions for those existing needs as well as for the new and changing needs.